My version of the finished cookbook.   What will yours look like?

Title page: this is as close as I get to scrapbooking!  The book also has a table of contents and an index. 

Each section has a tabbed divider stuck onto the page.  I just used the tabs you find in the office supply section of a store.

The first recipe of each new section gets a colored 'scrapbooking' paper behind it.

I’ve put together a cookbook of basic recipes and cooking concepts (like how to take a basic yellow cake recipe to make any number of variations). It was designed to be portable and highly useful.   I hope it is!   I had non-cooks, college students, and young missionaries in mind.    It’s typed in 3x5/4x6 card format, so you cut out the cards and slip them into the sleeves of a small photo album. This collection fits perfectly in a 72-sleeve album.  If you only find bigger ones, you can use the extra spaces for blank cards to write recipe notes on, or slip a photo of the food in the sleeve next to the recipe.  If you like the photo idea, I already have pictures of lots of them.  Email me if you want them, rhair2473@gmail.com

Rather than give a link to the whole cookbook, I’ll put an installment of it once or twice a week here on my website.  That way you have time to really look through the recipes, at a manageable pace.  The first one is below:

Cakes and Frostings page 1
Cakes and Frostings page 2

Note on printing these pages:  the links open to GoogleDocs.  To print, select GoogleDoc's print button, don't do Control-P or you'll print the browser page and only get half the recipes.


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